Computer won't start until I take it apart and put it back together

I built a computer two years ago. Everything worked fine up until last month. I turned it on one day and it would stutter and turn right off. After reading some posts I figured it could be three different things, motherboard, powersupply, or ram. I bought a new power supply from microcenter and plugged it in, and the computer still had the problem. I plugged in an old motherboard I had lying around and it worked with the old power supply so I figured it was the motherboard.

I buy a new motherboard put it in the computer and try to boot it up. Computer isn’t turning on. I realize after some time later that my power button is broken. Thankfully I’m using a
For C7Z97-M so I am able to turn it on using the power button on the motherboard. I haven’t had time to order a new power button so I’ve been turning my computer on using the button. Today I go to turn on my computer and it’s not turning on again. It turns on for a split second and then turns off.

I jump the power supply to make sure it’s still working and it is. I take my motherboard out and then put it back into the case and it turns on. I’m now wondering if my previous motherboard was actually dead, or if there is some sort of short. I have never heard of this happening to a computer before. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this problem?


  • Evga GTX 970 hybrid

  • Intel 7 4790k

  • Evga supernova 750watt

  • C7Z97-M

  • Crucial Ballistix Tactical Ram

  • Fractal Node 804

What you could try to test is take the board out of the case,
and lay it on a cardboard box.
Then connect everything and check if its working correctlly.
If so, then the issue lays in the case wiring probablly somewhere.
Or the board itself might toutch a metal part where it shouldnt.
Like a metal lip from the io shield or whatnot.


I know you said you had a busted power switch. Did you leave it plugged into the mobo when you were using the switch on the board itself? I had a client PC a few years ago that frustrated me with a similar issue. Would turn itself off randomly. Turned out to be an intermittent short in the power switch. So yeah, as @MisteryAngel said, remove the case out of the equation and see if that helps. Let us know what you find out.

I remember having some issues with my node 804 power button. Something about the connection holder plastic being easy to warp with allow the connection to slip and cause random shut off or not power up.

Yeah if the powerbutton for whatever reasons gets stuck.
Then the system will shut off most of the time.
So if he had issues with the powerbutton then my guess,
is that the issue most likelly sits within the case.
But to be sure, if he takes everything out side the case to test.
Then he knows for sure that the issue is within the case somewhere.

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For me … it was easy to to pop that front panel and stretch the connection out of shape. I fix it with a non metallic twist tie. :slight_smile:

I have had a similar issue with a broken powerbutton once aswell.
i really had 2 options, either just use the wires or use the reset button as powerbutton.
Well either works fine, but the reset button was the safer approach.

Like you said we will not know until they test and determine if it is something with the case or the gear.

Might throw out the idea of making sure the standoffs are all in the right place for mb.