Computer won't run Blood Dragon very well

Hey guys so I was really looking to play some Blood Dragon today but for whatever reason my computer doesn't handle it well at all. In my rig I have an i7 [email protected] 4.2ghz a radeon 7950 at 1200mhz and 8gb is gskill ram at 1600mhz. I looked at other peoples benchmarks before coming here and with linus's benchmarking system he was getting around 80fps with his test bed which does have a 3960x at 4ghz on it but should my cpu really bring it down 40+ fps? Any help would be fantastic and thanks in advance. :)

are all of your drivers up to date?

perhaps the game doesn't respon well to an overclocked video card

All of the drivers are up to date and I'll check out how it runs when I mess with the clockspeed of my gpu

When I installed FC3BD I had to reset Punkbuster for it to run smoothly, it was broken by some update glitch or something because of the ubisoft store changing steam configs, and a few gamers I know had the same issue. The symptoms were FC3BD running glitchy and sometimes even crashing.

So I returned my gpu to it's original settings and it ran worse. And I'm not running punkbuster either. :(