Computer won't post!

Okay so when I turn on my pc the fans will start up and that as normal but there will be no display. Take my word for it, the Graphics crad is fine and so is the connection. The LED's on my keyboard and mouse won't turn on ( they power on as soon as the system is on ). I opened my DVD drive, and yes it oppens yet not display and keyboard and mouse wont turn on

Now i hear all this about CMOS, please don't take me for a genius about hardware on that note, don't take me for a noob. :)

Thanks for any advice

Did you connect the cpu 8 pin power connector as well?

Yes this system has been running for a solid year, PSU was updated 2 months ago, 80 plus certified CX600

Your fans turn on and stay on?  CPU fan/cooler is working?

CPU fan yes

Tried running graphics through the mobo and not the GPU?

So the system has been running up until when?  What changed in the last two months besides your PSU?

Nothing changed since then, do you mean take out gpu and try intergrated graphics?

Took out my GPU and booted the system, no change in results. One thing i should say at the back i have my keyboard and wifi dongle plugged in by SB. The LED of the dongle is powered but my keyboard isn't and no my keyboard IS in perfect order. 

So your computer has randomly decided not to post as of when? Today?

What are your system specs?

2 days ago, I was so stressed i had just forgotten about the situation and now i am here fresh minded trying to solve the issue.

Specs: AMD FX 4100,  4gb Ram 1333mhz, AMD 7870, Gigabyte MoBo - M68MY-S2, CX 600W PSU, 

I should also say, I had a few issues before like a week ago, so I Resitted the ram. I remember at the time i had to apply some unecessary force due to the locks.

How old is the MOBO?  If you know the GPU is good, probably something with the MOBO.  

pfft um a year old? but how comes the fans and that are powered? sorry it just doesn't add up!

i would say

take everything out of your case, take out cpu ram etc, lay the mobo down on a box, install the cpu and cpu fan, connect the psu, try 1 ram stick in the first dimm slot, install your gpu, and try to fire everything up outside the case.

Do have your mobo speaker connected? so you can hear beep errors...

could probably be something with the Mobo or Cpu or maybe the ram.

test your monitor on another computer.

Monitor is fine

MisteryAngel, I am afraid i dont have the speaker ! and sorry what is the urpose of your method? not being stuborn just inquisitive.

well if you take everything out ofthe case, it could give you a better look, or maybe the board is short circuited somewhere in the case.

try changeing the ram, just to what ever you have lying around and see if that does it