Computer turns on then instantly turns off

I just recently completed my first gaming pc build. Yet as i press the power button the computer whirs to life for 3-4 seconds then everything shuts down instantly and all I'm left with is my motherboard stand by light on. I know its either my mobo or my cpu because everything else works fine when i close off the system from the mobo. I've even taken it apart and rebuilt it three times to make sure i connected everything but the problem still persists. Any help to solve this would be much appreciated. My build is this:

CPU: 3570k

Mobo: Asus Z77 Sabertooth

Kingston hyper X 2x4 RAM

H100i cooler

Gtx 770 classifed

Kingston hyper 3x ssd

Caviar black 1tb

1050 watt hx corsair



Might be a short somewhere. Could try re seating your ram too.

+1 on the short. I've had this problfora few times from having a loose screw floating around in my case

Might be bad power supply or bad motherboard

Yeah, those are annoying. OP, check your standoff screws for your mobo. THose are usually the biggest reasons for a short, at least in my experience. 

So if i took all the standoff screws off and say put a small peice of cardboard between the mobo and the case would that take care of the problem?

I would just pull the motherboard out of the case completly and keep everything plugged in and see if you can post. Set the mobo on its box or something to keep it safe.

Towel would work too, but this is probably the best next quick step to help troubleshoot.

So I did all of you suggested and the only difference is now my corsair h100i lights up. I even installed the onboard speaker to see if it would tell me anything but it won't work either. My motherboard isn't touching anything but cardboard and the RAM is in perfectly and everythings is connected. My last resort is going to be to try the stock 3570k cooler because the h100i scratched the holes the 4 screws went into which may be causing a short. IDK.

Well. Crap. You might have to swap psu's and see if the problem persists.

you should try booting with on stick of ram. One of the DIMMs may be bad. If the first DIMM doesn't boot try swapping it out with anither DIMM

RAM isn't the problem. I've tested each one in every slot. I'm going to call the Asus tech support and hopefully they will give me some miracle. If not I have to wait another month for parts... again... 

Dunno then. You already install drivers etc.? Might be worth trying to clear CMOS and reinstalling everything. Maybe something didn't load properly?

How can I install drivers when its instantly cuts off the power to my disc drive? 

Crap. SInce it doesn't appear to be  a short, I have done some research, and it is likely you have a bent cpu pin. Might be worth the effort to look at it again. Other then that, I am out of ideas.