Computer suddenly BSOD multiple times today... HELP!

Hey… So I use my computer every day, and it is very important to me. After booting up my PC today, it has started encountering multiple BSODs, with a few different stop codes…

My specs are as follows:
Asus Crosshair V Formula-z motherboard
AMD FX-8350 @ 4.5GHz CPU
Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming GPU
128Gb SSD for OS and 3 TB mass storage
Windows 10 Home OS

I have had this computer for 3 or 4 years now and I haven’t had any issues with it recently.
I cannot remember adding any new hardware or software in the last few days, other than downloading VR chat on steam a few days ago.
Today I woke up and turned on my computer like normal, my 3 monitors booted up, and during the windows boot screen I got a BSOD with stop code VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNAL

I took note of the stop code and let the pc restart. This time it booted to the desktop just fine, but after about 10 minutes of just browsing the web, I got another BSOD with stop code SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION

At this point I started looking up the stop codes and finding potential fixes. The first thing I tried was to update my graphics driver with Geforce Experience, and towards the end of the installation process for the driver, I got another BSOD. I could not see the stop code on this one, because the screen was warped.

I booted back to the desktop, and tried to see if my driver was installed correctly. Everything seemed okay, so I opened a browser window and went to make dinner. The computer was up for about 20 minutes before crashing again while I was gone, so I don’t know the stop code.

Another 40 minutes later, while still only browsing the web, watching youtube, I got another SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION BSOD.

This time I booted back up, and tried running chkdsk and sfc /scannow, neither of which found any errors.

My next course of action was to update windows, so after freeing up space on my ssd, I downloaded and began to install Windows update “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709”. After “preparing to install updates”, I allowed the computer to restart to install. By this point, the PC had been on for ~45 minutes without a crash.

During the update process, I got another BSOD, this time with the stop code EXFAT_FILE_SYSTEM…
The computer recovered the installation on it’s own and booted to desktop. I immediately opened up my browser to come write this thread and once I started typing my computer froze, and then BSOD again with stop code CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT…

After another restart I made it here to write this thread… I’m not sure how to access the dump files for the crashes but I know they can be very helpful. If someone could help me out by telling me how I can provide you with the dump files, or help me in any other way I would greatly appreciate it!


So I decided to try restarting again to see if I could get that windows update to install while waiting for help here. It got a little farther than last time (12%) or so and then BSOD again with another NEW stop code…


I am going to see if I can find a utility to determine if I have a problematic driver. I saw something called whocrashed, and it’s my only lead while I wait for responses here… Will update.

Does your board have a live view of the processor in the UEFI? I hate to say it but it could just be your VRM starting to freak out. Otherwise thats just how windows is after a few years.

Try booting a ubuntu USB and see what happens after a while.

sounds like a case of windows having a panic attack with drivers and possible hdd going bad. check the smart data. and it could be a good old case of windows update tearing things up as usual. sadly i dont think windows 10 has shadow copy so :frowning: reinstall might be the last thing you want to do but might be needed.

Okay… How do I check the smart data?

What do you mean by live view of the processor? It’s a high end motherboard so probably, but I’m not sure what you are referring to specifically.

Like voltages, clock rate, etc.

Okay, yes, I believe I can monitor that in the UEFI. Is there any info in particular you would like me to fetch?
I’m starting to think It might be a GPU driver or some other driver issue because after enabling crash logging I booted up GTA V to see if I could get another BSOD so I could check the logs, but GTA gave me an error like “Out of game memory” Which seems to be a driver issue. I’ve never had that GTA error before.

crystal disk is best way to check smart data

would not hurt to get a new video driver from nvida’s website or how ever they hand out drivers now.( refuse to so them so i dunno)

Just watch the voltages for a little while and see if they wildly fluctuate. If not at least your HW is ok :stuck_out_tongue: but the VRM blowing up is always the first thing to check on FX machines.

Okay Crystal Disk Info says everything is good (blue) across all 3 drives. Is there a good software for cleaning and replacing problematic drivers? I already have the most “up to date” Nvidia driver but maybe it was corrupted during install due to the BSOD earlier…

I don’t think this is drivers. Its a failed thread exception, which points towards hardware not software to me.

Oh boy… Okay… so in the BIOS when I click on the monitor tab and then voltage monitor, the computer freezes. The voltages don’t move and I lose control of the mouse. Nothing else in the BIOS does this, just clicking on voltage monitor. I replicated this twice. Does this spell death for my motherboard/CPU?

Should I see if I can remove the overclock and bring it back to stock speeds? Would that even be productive?

Stock speeds a 8350 is fine lol.

I mean, would that help us determine the issue? What do you think about the voltage monitor locking up?

Fuck dude I’m a hacker I’ve had worse happen after I really broke something to work and never touched it. It coulda always done that and it was just a board fault I have no clue. Walk back the OC some and we’ll go from there. See if walking it back can get you some stability with that menu and take notes of your OC.

Okay. I rolled back the OC to stock speeds and tried the voltage monitor again. This time, it lasted about a second or so longer before freezing, and as it froze a couple of the numbers turned red. Here is the picture of that frozen monitor:

Does this verify issues with the VRM? If so is the next step just to replace the motherboard/CPU? I’ve accepted that possibility at this point, so I just need to know what to do next…

Hang on lemme look something up and get back to you. I’ll edit this post.

E1: Can you set the CPU MB voltage to 1.125v anywhere? And DRAM to about 1.6. These appear to be the defaults from what I can find but images and relative info of anything stock seems to be surprisingly sparse for a board that was used at competitions… See if that gets you stable in the monitor menu, then we’ll test some things if you have a ubuntu usb somewhere. I don’t really trust windows as a test environment lol.


It appears the board itself DOES have an issue setting defaults?


Some potential info? Still looking around.

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Okay going to set these voltages manually. Will update. I have a Kali USB, will that suffice?

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As long as its a linux environment I don’t give a shit. I can’t decode a windows crash because the definitions are so generic but I know what a kernel panic is talking about.