Computer security?

hey so i'm about to enter college and I have a couple career paths i'm interested in, one of which being computer security, and I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience in this field and can tell me what it's like. was your education particularly rigorous/what kinds of classes did you take? what do you do on a day to day basis? any info would be appreciated thank you.

Not really, I only had to take one low level math course. Well, that's the only thing I consider hard because I hate math with a passion, but I'm sure differant people will tell you differant things. Going for IS, but I figure its got some similarities.

IS stands for internet security I presume? What other courses are you taking or are you mostly self taught? If you feel as though i'm being too intrusive let me know.

I have a family member who got a degree in cyber security.  Lots of math, lots of code, lots of algorithms, some abstract math, don't do drugs because most jobs require a secrity clearence and the goverment asks you about your last 15 years of drug use.  You get to make some cool programs, learn how to bypass security measures and then fix them, learn alot of IT and how a network functions.

I gave Security lectures at my college since my enthusiasm on the field (which expired with time). It requires tons of programming skills in different languages, but the resources available on the internet are immense. Assembler, C, C#, PHP w/ MySQL, ASP w/ MS SQL will be your buddies. People tend to exxagerate with the Math part though, but it's still a must.