Computer Science or Software Engineer?

Whats up guys, as the title says Computer science or software engineer? I have a choice for my degree in college at the moment and can't decide. I like both options but wanted to get some other opinions. I'm currently in a intro to java course and a programming in C course which will count towards either degree. 

I've just started my freshman courses in computer engineering. I was debating over CS and CE for a whilke, but decided to go with engineering because I wanted to understand hardware and also have a better looking degree. Although I prefer software to hardware, I wanted to get into both. As far as your options go, I'd say it depends on what you plan to do down the line. CS is broader than Software engineer, and therefore will have boarder oportunities; however specialization looks good aswell. Only you can make the decision, but I would most likely go for CS personally.

Depends what you want to do when you graduate, when you start university you can pick modules after the first year. So IMO is pretty much the same thing, it is a matter of choice actually.
I study Law and almost transfered my course to CS.
What really matter is the modules you are going to pick!