Computer running at 80degrees c idle

So after upgrading my system, my CPU temp in the bios appears to be 80c. Any ideas what it could be? All I did was swap sata cables for newer ones.

I am going to try to swap thermal paste and even reseat the CPU.

You’re not giving a lot of info here.

2700x crosshair vii, it starts up at 40ish c and then slowly goes up to 80+c. I dont know what the issue is. Was wprking before swapping sata cables.

Update: I reseated CPU and cooler. It is hotter now. Lights on the aio are no longer lit. Id say my cooler is shot.

Do you have the original cpu cooler just to make sure it is hardware related?

A dead fan is easier to spot then a dead pump

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To sum @Argone posts up and make it easier to troubleshoot.

There are some question marks.

Old New Note
? 2700X
? Crosshair Vii
AIO? AIO? wich brand and model?

Issue: High idle (40°C) and very high load (80°C) temps, cooler does not seem to get power after SATA-cables where changed.

Messures taken: Reseated CPU and CPU cooler (failed)


Give that pump part some door knocking, my AIO pump doesnt want to start after getting cold air so I did stop leaving windows open whenever I leave home

In terms of age of mono and CPU, both are old. Aio brand is nzxt. I dont have another cooler or og that came with the CPU as that is with my moms 1800x build.

Now my idle temps are 80c. I dont even want to know what load would be.

I put in an h80i and it seems to be cooling it well. I am safely goung to say the pump failed.

Check the cables and if available, check another header (maybe the board is the problem).

I tried different ports, tried different power plugs. The corsair aio I took out of my 8320 system works for idle temps, I just don’t know how well at load it will run yet. I will use the h80i till i can get my nzxt kraken rmaed.

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Did you take the plastic off of the cooler?


I did, it worked for over a year, I have had the cooler since 2016 on three different cpus. So I know it was off. But also I know the pump flow info was at 0. But I swapped coolers and it worked wells now.

Update: NZXT sent me a replacement because the cooler did actually fail.

Was it still under warranty?

Bought in 2016 and has a 6 year warranty. So yes it is! Perfect timing aswell I am going to put the replacement in my moms computer as her stock cooler has failed. Odd time to have both mine and her’s fail at the same time.

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Damn son, that’s a long ass warranty. Was this the standard warranty that you get with buying the product or did you buy an extended warranty?


. image

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I actually did leave the plastic on a T2 cooler on a 7870K
Dropped 15 degrees F when I took off the plastic

I did NOT take pictures…no evidence :slight_smile:

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