Computer Repair Help Needed ASAP!

I need help repairing a computer. 


The client (my friend) told me he was playing counter strike when his monitor when black but his computer was still on and running.

When he restarted his computer, he trying loading the os, and it loaded for 4 days straight with no avail, just the same loding screen for 4 days. Any help?

I was thinking it could be

-The os

-The gpu


Any thoughts???


Please help below

  • Have you tried the Monitor on another computer?
  • Have you tried a different Monitor on that computer?
  • Does it load to Bios, And not to the Operating system?
  • Are all the components conected?
  • Is it using an Onboard GPU or a Video Card?

You say it's at a load screen, Does that mean you have Video? If you have video and it's trying to load into your operating system it could be your Memory is bad or has come unseated from the slots they are installed, It could be the the Northbridge on the motherboard is bad.

If your sitting at bios and other startup tests and it's not loading it could be that your HDD is bad or disconected or yet again it could be a memory problem but those would be the most likely problems from what you have posted from what I get from what you are saying.

By the way a bad northbridge would = needing a new Motherboard in most cases.

Thnaks man! Im pretty sure its a discreet card, he hasnt dropped it off at my house yet. I will take all you ideas into condsideration when I get the pc :))

Yup, if it hangs on the bios screen it's most likely your mobo, if it hangs on the windows load screen my bet would be a dead ram module, i think if the HDD was corrupted windows would boot into the recovery tool regardless.

If the pc turns on and the screen is black with no bios flash (which this doesnt sound like) try different video inputs, try a different gpu. If it doesn't work with a different gpu then it's the monitor (then test this with another monitor) in which case you've either got A. a dead lcd/led panel (the blacklight should turn on) or B. a dead powerboard (no backlight or a flash of the backlight just an indicator LED that turns off after a while)

 For all intensive purposes the OS should boot in without a working video card/chip it will just use your regular ram and cpu so that sort of rules out the gpu (and the 600x400 reolution would make it an easy diagnosis)

What would I do? First off i'd run memtest 86 (if you get past the bios) before i boot. If memtest passes, i'd start swapping parts (assuming this pc is assembled correctly), If it boots with a part swapped out than that part is garbage, replace it boot in and run prime 95 for 24hours to test that the CPU/Memory is 100% stable.

Thanks a bunch! You guys are very intelligent! I will do what I can and get back to you