Computer Randomly shuts down

Every few days my computer randomly shuts off due to this error. I have looked around but haven't been able to find and answer. The log from event viewer is in this link.

Step 1 reinstall OS

Step 2 Check motherboard Beep codes after removing very component and slowly adding them in

Step 3 Blame the power supply

System specs


In my experience random shuts down are ram related, have maybe do a memtest before reinstalling your system

I think random blue screens would be ram , but complete shut offs would be heat or power , something that has a direct line to the power circuit.

Usually even with the hardest of crashes the computer will freeze or blue screen , but it usually stays on becuase nothing at the hardware level told it to shut off.

I have already tried a memory test, and my drives are healthy. The temps on my computer never get over 60 degrees Celsius. It sits idle in the 30's so I don't believe it is a memory or heat issue. I can provide any additional information that would be required. Also I'm not getting a blue screen, it just turns off and then I have to start it up again and its fine for a few days or so.

Microsoft website:

Event ID 219: Windows Kernel PNP

The driver \Driver\tunnel failed to load for the device ROOT*ISATAP\0000


The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device USB\VID_041E&PID_4152\A83E0C080002FA9D


"The driver \Driver\SaiNtBus failed to load for the device Root\SAITEK_MAGIC_BUS\0000."


A Plug and Play device driver on your system is failing to load due to a device driver or device malfunction. This event happens randomly at times due to latency issues associated at system boot up.

For more information, see article 974720 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

hope that helps

check your drivers...

Have you tried a SFC scan?

Open up command prompt type

Sfc /scannow be sure to open as admin

this is a long shot but check the temp pf the power supply.

A power supply can actually overheat and automatically shut itself off base on that. happen to me once and I replaced both fans in the power supply and the issue stopped.

I once had an issue where the ram was set to the advertised speed in the bios and this happened. Setting it to auto fixed it.