Computer Randomly Restarts { HELP PLEASE ! }

I recently got my Motherboard back from ASUS, And it was fine for the first few days, Since yesterday, It started Randomly Restarting, NO reason behind it. Haven't been playing games either. I went into the BIOS last night and saw my ram was still clocked to 1333Mhz, Thats fine, But when i went to a different page, IT said the frequency was set to auto, So i put it to 1333Mhz, Fixed the problem, Until just a bit ago, The computer was running for 13.5 hours before it decided to restart again. I need help... Please do NOT ask for my specs, They are all in my profile. I seriously need help figuring this out because i have about had it with Desktops if i can't figure out this issue, The only thing i can think of is my hard drive is almost 5 years of age.


This is the event viewer log that i looked up on my system that recently happened - The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

Using HDD Sentinel, Hard Drive Is Fine

Please people, I really desperately need your assistance, Within me writing this, My computer has restarted 3 times already, PLEASE help me...

OS corruption, unstable OC, Bad Ram, Bad PSU, overheating. Lots of things could be the cause, since its not BSOD by your description I would bet on the PSU or overheating, one thing you can try is to unplug the computer from the wall and then push the power button draining the capacitors and then plugging it back in.


I would check your heat sync and your thermal compound as well.


I know for a pure fact its not overheating issues because i use several monitoring programs for that purpose, i can believe it if it is a psu issue, ill try what you said and get back to you.

I also do not OC anything nor will i so thats another thing out of the mix, any other possabilities?

When i turned my computer off, all the lights were pulsing and my speaker system kept going on and off with the lights, as if pulses of electricity was being pulsed through the board.

Can anyone else please lend me a helping hand please?

is it still restarting randomly? or were you saying it wont even turn on now?

If what you were describing was your system not wanting to turn on, its because the psu does not have enough charge to start the system. you need to rebuild its charge by jumping the psu like you would if you were going to be filling a water loop.

Yea the issue now is, I did what you told me to do about Draining the power, I hold down the power button for 10 seconds 3 times, So a total of 30 seconds, After i turn it on, It will last without restarting fro 6 - 15 hours, But when i turned my computer on this morning, It would not go past Post, And the CPU LED stayed lit and was Red, I drained the power again and it fixed it... VERY much pointing towards the PSU at the current time.

its either the psu or something with the power delivery system, could be bad vregs on the board, or it could the cpu power (4+4 pin) from the power supply. Easy enough to check which if you had a extra psu, but a lot of people don't just have those sitting around like I do.  

I wish i had a spare PSU lying around, But i sadly do not, But i always keep old Hardware that i change out, NEVER get rid of them. But i am still doing testing, Regardless, So far everything points to the PSU and i will have to wait till the beginning of next month anyways to get a new one because i am completely broke right now.


Update: My computer just restarted again after a decent day, It did again earlier but i drained the power and booted up again as usual, But recently i tried booting after draining the power, CPU LED stayed RED and the CPU fan would NOT spin, I got really scared, This happened three times in a row, So i pulled the 12v rail, Main power connecter from the board, and even the Graphics card, Plugged them back in and i have a modular PSU, So i pulled the only three cables out, And put them all in different ports, Booted up fine. Again, Still doing testing to make sure for a FACT it is the PSU that is being retarded, But yea... that's what happened...