Computer problems

Alright so my computer has decided to stop working after i was adding hardware to it. i dont really know what i did and yes a was wearing a static bracelett. so when i turn it on it powers up lights fans harddrive fans video card shows green but it wont boot.....or display......or beep and i have a speakers, so i dont think its posting  either.i also repalced motherboard battery and did the cmos thing. etc 

its not the video card thats new and was working

its not the cpu still heats up as usual

its not the psu i tried replacing....same effect

so idk wtf is going on could it be the motherboard? or the ram? i would really prefere to not take it to a computer shop...because they are so expensive. so pls help


Amd Phenom ii x4 955 

Asus 660Ti

ocz 600w model:ocz600mxsp

Tp Link 450Mbps network card dual band

Asus Xtreme M4a87td evo (mobo)

4 gigs gskill ddr3 1330 :'( 

RAzer Lycosa 

Razer Nostroko

Logitech g300

I had these exact same symptoms and it turned out to be bad ram. What is your ram configuration? number of sticks and sizes? Have you tried just reseating them?

Have got your ram in the closest slot to your cpu? if not try it and try the memok button. (most likly a ram issue)

Try placing the gtx 660ti in the second pci slot  and remove the network card

Did u check the 8pin thats pluged into the mobo?


i have 2 sticks of 2 gigs and i took them out tried one and then the other, no effect. so idk wth is going on could it be just the ram 


ya i tried the mem ok button and it just blinks and doesent stop, like  ever

yes the 8pin is pluged in 

sounds like everything is in order on your end(Ill re-read everything).Im not sure if the pc would power on without this but did you plug in the cpu cooler fan header into the proper one? Im just throwing this out there lol

I had 2 2gb sticks in an older desktop and had these issues. took ram out of a second pc I had put them in and it ran fine. Not saying it is the problem but could be. I would try some new ram. 

ya i took it apart 3 times and rebuilt it to make sure i wasent missing something. it could be a short in something but idk where i would look for that. 

If your sure everything is seated and everything then I have no ideas :C. Sorry but maybe something is dead or a short as you said.Maybe its something simple and over looked,take a break and think about it.Sorry im no help but im more of a hands on guy 

ya i know what you mean its really frusterating becasue there is no beeps. therefore its like i will keep  buy parts then take them back becasue that wasent the problem. lol


"or beep and i have a speakers, so i dont think its posting" do you have a internal speaker installed if not get one and listen for the beeps

ya i have one, and i know it works cuz if i cut the power from the psu it beeps. but other than that it dosent like i disconnected every part except for mobo and cpu and normally it would beep like crazy because nothing is installed and it dident so....

TURN ON YOUR MONITOR!!!!!!! do you not actually think thats the first thing i would do, and yes the monitor works fine hence me using it right now lol