Computer Parts Needed

I'm building my first gaming computer and I have all the parts picked out, I'm getting all those parts and a few extras for about $1050 from Newegg. I'm willing to buy some slightly used parts or if you could direct me to a website that has them cheaper. I want to get it under $1000. Also I have the 2 8GB sticks of ram because my motherboard comes with one stick free. Email: [email protected]

you dont need a 750W PSU, 650W is enough

you dont need 16GB of ram either

Yes but my motherboard is dual channel and I'm getting the PSU for $50 its also good for when I plan to upgrade.

The PSU you listed is 90$... not 50$.

And you won't need a 750W for a while... That GPU is already overkill.

Ditch the Artic Silver unless you build a lot of PCs. The 212 already comes with a tube of nice stuff.

That will bring you under 1000$

I have a few HDDs laying around, if you don't mind having a 1 TB or multiple drives, I will only sell if the price is right though, and if you live in the same country or at least near me.