Computer not starting up

I have just bought new pc, and when I try to start it up it cpu and psu fan start to spin and ~2 seconds after that it shuts down itself and tries to start up again (and keeps doing that). Please help


MOBO:Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H

CPU: intel i5-3570k

GPU: Sapphire HD 5770

RAM: G.Skill ripjaws 8gb (1600mhz)

PSU: XFX PRO 550W 80+B

Everythings plugged in properly? If yes, try removing things to narrow the feild down. Try without the graphics card, try with one stick of ram. If you boot, slowly add bits back and try again. may just be as simple as something not being seated correct.

Tried remowing everything, but still the same problem.

Seems like my motherboard has 1 twisted pin on the lga socket, would that be the issue?

Yes if you have a Bent pin where the Processor goes, that is a big problem. It is also unwise to try to fix the issue by messing with it further. You want to replace/return the Motherboard. Problem is, alot of the time if you Didnt inspect while unboxing for issues like that and have a way to prove it came like that, alot of the time companys will say it was "User fault" and not want to replace it. Good Luck =/