Computer Not Posting

With my newly bought mobo (M5a99x Evo R2.0) and CPU (8320) I am having issues. I plug in everything except my GPU (7770 ghz edition) and the whole thing posts. Plug the card into the slot and start, everything good. Plug in power to the card and it all goes to hell, unplug it and it still stays there unless  remove it from the PCI xpress slot. Gah.

p.s. I am removing the corde from the PSU after every power cycle.  

Your not plugging in PCIe power cables while the system is on are you?



sorry I missread then. Have you tried another graphics card or clear cmos?

I don't have another graphics card, and how would I go about the latter? Also I have the card in the slot, unplugged from psu, and there is a red ligh underneath it. 

There is usually a jumper that covers two of three pins next to the bios battery. If it is covering the left and center pin, slide this jumper over so that it is covering the center and right pin instead. Leave it there for a few seconds then move it back to its original position. 

Are you powering on the system without plugging in the card to the PSU? That is a no no.

Also I believe the red light indicates a problem with the graphics card, but this may just be because it's not plugged in to the power supply.

It was because the GPU was unplugged, now it's back to its stupid self, thanks for the help though.