Computer not booting, acting strange. Please Help!

Here is what my computer is doing:

I don't know if you'll be able to hear it, but it is turning on, and then turning off again over and over and over. Before it did this it would boot into a bios loading screen that i have never even seen before, so i turned the power button off on my psu.

Not 100% on the motherboard because it's old, but i know its a gigabyte lga1155 was probably 60-70 bucks back when i got it.'
i3 2120
8gb ddr3 1333
1tb wd blue
660 ti
Power color 500w 80+ bronze

Please help me, just hoping nothing is fried. (fingers Crossed)

Please, anyone?

Make sure all of your motherbord and CPU power cables are connected well.

Yeah, every thing is connected up good, it was working fine last night before i went to sleep. I just turned it off normally from inside ubuntu, and this morning when i woke up it started doing this.

You may be pulling more power than your PSU can output. If I remember correctly, the 660ti needs a 450w PSU. It may just be your PSU, because I've never hearad of that brand before. I suppose you can test to make sure your front panel connectors are plugged in well, but it sounds more like a PSU problem. The same thing happened to me when I didn't have the 24-pin connected well.

What makes that grinding noice when you switch on the power supply?

Since you don't sound like you have alot of experience, you most likely don't have many spare parts laying around.
It sounds like a power supply issue, but you never know.

Start by plugging the screen connector on the motherboard.
Open your chassis
Touch ground (radiator/refridgerator whatever)

Check that all connectors are firmly connected on the mother board. The 24-pin connector can be a bitch sometimes, so (however unlikely if it's worked for years) it can have been dislodged if the latch isn't locked.
Remove the GPU and try to boot.

After that, you need spare parts/another computer for troubleshooting this issue.

Disconnect all the harddrives from your computer and try to boot.
Try booting with only one RAM stick (first slot on each channel, so you try each stick twice).
This isn't likely to solve anything (these components are checked during post), based on your video, but you never know where you might find a short circuit.

500W is definitely enough if he's listing everything connected to the computer in the OP.

I must be thinking of something else then.

Yeah, you're definitely right that it sounds like a PSU problem, it's just that 500W is enough to run any single card configuration these days, if you're running the Intel consumer platforms and don't have 400 harddrives plugged in.

You mean everybody doesn't use 400 harddrives??!?!?

But yeah, I don't really know what else would make it continually restart like that, unless the reset switch connector has a problem.

checked all the connectors and tried bootng without the graphics card, still doing the same thing. What do you think the next step should be? New psu?

I would first see if anyone has an old one to try with first, so you don't fry your new psu because of a short circuit somewhere else.

Yeah, i don't really know anyone who builds systems. I do have a 420w in my little brothers pc i built for him. But as you said i don't want to ruin his psu with my system.

and the grinding noise is my crappy water speekers.

Well, taking the computer to a repair shop costs as much as a new PSU, so you have to decide if you're willing to bet on our knowledge guesswork (disclaimer: we take no responsibility yada yada), or let someone take a look at your computer in first person.

If you're lucky, maybe there's someone in your town browsing teksyndicate right now.

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