Computer Making Criket Sounds? ( High Pitched )

So for the past two weeks now, Once in a while my computer will make a high pitched cricket like sound, But only for a minute or two, But this morning, When i turned Charlotte on ( My Computer ) She started making this sound again, But non-stop... Even now as i type this, Sometimes it will go away, But for the most part, IT has been completely continuous.

Opened the case, Stopped all the fans with my finger on the case, CPU and GPU, Nothing, What should i do, Is this common? Should i be worried? ( This computer is only about a month old from being built by my hands )

Sound like the usual Windows HDD activity to me. It stop for like 2 seconds when you for instance launch firefox? Then Windows is just doing stuff behind your back, might be defragmenting, might be data mining, might be updating, might be search indexing, might be malware check. The cricket sound is the sound of the head of the HDD moving rapidly back and forth. It tends to do that because Windows filesystems fragment like crazy, so for instance, a single file may be written on various locations far apart, so the head has to jump back and forth a lot to read a single file. When it's defragmenting, malware checking or search indexing, the cricket sound really goes crazy. It's as normal as can be expected in Windows, I can say you have nothing to worry about, but I can say you haven't got more to worry about than any other Windows user...

I don't think my computer should sound like a Cricket or be producing high pitched squeaks/sounds... i really hope this is normal... btw, you can find the specs of my PC in my profile if needed.

Alright Zoltan, IS there anything i can do to just put my mind at ease and stop this? Anything, And i mean ANYTHING you can recommend?

I can Sadly confirm this is NOT my hard drive, I opened the case, Put my ear to my HDD and yes, Normal Cricket sounds, But then the sound was faint in that area, I place my ear next to the Motherboard... And somewhere.... it's coming from somewhere on the Motherboard... I fear the worst...

I am literally begging people to help me at this point, I JUST built this computer and i do not want anything to go wrong... Please... I beg of anyone to help me sort out this problem... Please...

I have a windows install in a kvm container on one PC at home, just to play some older games in, and I haven't fired that up in more than 6 months, I'm not a Windows specialist, but I can tell you what I do to make the Windows system perform faster and stop it from overly accessing my hard drive:

- I uninstall search indexing (with the install/uninstall windows components function);

- I uninstall internet explorer and use a fake internet explorer for the spyware platforms that require the presence of internet explorer on the PC (game DRM mainly);

- I uninstall all other windows components that I don't need for gaming (almost everything in fact);

- I uninstall all anti-malware (it does nothing anyway, it just wastes resources, I don't access the internet on it, the kvm container has no access to storage except the container-specific overlay file, and the internet access goes through the host's netfilter);

- I disable automatic updates (I do updates manually, after first checking the KB article for every update, also by doing updates one by one, windows installs tend to live longer and perform better and not crash so often);

- I disable automatic defragmentation (overlay files don't need to be fragmented anyway, Windows doesn't even have to check if it's fragmented, that just costs resources and HDD lifetime);

- I delete all old system files that are left on the drive after updates, and all restore points (I snapshot the container, have no need for windows restore, it's slow and messy, if it breaks, I just use a snapshot and I'm up and running again in 5 seconds), and all the unused cab files;

- I don't store data on the windows box, I store them in a shared storage (also an overlay file), so that windows is only the thin system, with nothing in it, except a few game and game DRM application installs, punkbuster, etc... because I don't use Windows for anything else. That makes Windows very small, about 8.5 GB in total for the system with all updates for W7, and I have about 40 GB of games on it also, so that's less than 60 GB total for Windows, and that doesn't sit on an SSD, that sits on a HDD on the host, but it still doesn't make a lot of cricket noises, because Windows leaves it alone, and all system resources stay available for game performance, and it makes quite a big difference.

- If I could, I would like to have the thin WindowsOS and XBoxOS that Microsoft has put in virtual containers on their XBone. I bet that it would absolutely be faster than anything else to be able to game in those on a full-blown PC, but unfortunately, although Microsoft has those available, they don't want PC gamers to have full gaming performance on real PC's...

Are you useing a Corsair psu? sound something like this?

PSU fan is a possibility.

it really sounds like it was coming from the motherboard.

Well, if it's a wine, it could be a cap or other power issue...  but a cricket sound?  I don't know.  Maybe the onboard speaker?  How are your beep codes when you start it up?  You could try unhooking everything one by one to check for any conflicts.  You could also clear the CMOS.  May help.  May not.

Take it all apart and put it back together . If you fear it to be a mobo issue its better safe than sorry .

It might be something as simple as a piece of debris behind it rattling . Smell it if you take it apart .

I can confirm 110% it is the Stock AMD CPU cooler, I will be purchasing a Dark Knight Night Hawk CPU cooler this month.

And no i am not, If you look in my profile, I stated that i am using a ThermalTake 740 Watt PSU. And it definitely does not sound like that lol, It's a HIGH and i mean HIGH pitched sound, Almost to the point where only a Dog would hear it.

LIAR!  YOU SAID IT WASN'T THE CPU FAN!!!!!   lol  glad you got it figured out.