Computer making a weird sound

Hello world,

I just bumped my table a little (very slightly) and my computer was running. And then it started making this sound:

I was moving my ear a little in the case and it sounded like it was coming from the GPU, PSU or HDDs. I have AIO CPU cooling and the other fans are running fine.

I shutdown the PC for a minute and pulled out the electricity. I even took out the GPU power cable and with pressure air I cleaned the PSU a little.

Now after a few minutes the sound is gone.

I didnt check the sound file.
But you have an AIO bumping can make bubbles and make some nasty sounds, bubbles are gone sound is gone seems about right.

Well it is like an engine not starting when you flip the key in the keyhole.

Pump noise, all good now that the water got back in place xD

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