Computer keeps freezing [Win7]

I just reinstalled a new clean OS! Nothing bad on it, just have skype and steam installed. But my computer STILL freezes and lags? WHY? Someone help?

Have you done a disk scan, might have a bad sectors? also you could do a memory test (Memtest86 is prity good)


Yeah, sounds like a problem with your memory. Try booting with one stick at a time (make sure you test off of your RAM sticks) and see if that fixes it.

It is likely a bad hard drive or bad memory. 

Here's a like for Memtest86+

To run a version of chkdsk you can:

  • Open My Computer
  • Right click on your drive
  • click properties
  • click tools menu
  • click Check

On windows 8.1 it looks like this, similar on windows 7 I believe.