Computer help

 I rebuilt my computer in a new case and now windows will not work! What happens is windows goes into the start up loading screen then after about 7 seconds my monitor turns off and nothing. Does any one know how I can fix this? Thanks.



Same components?

If the same check all your cables, mounts etc. 

It is the same and I triple checked everything.

can you get into the bios/uefi and the monitor stays on? If so does all your hardware show up?

You didn't put it back together the same way. A case is a case, nothing to do with the hardware at all unless you have added more into it. Recheck and maybe move around where the HDD are going into the MB if you can access uefi ok

Try this, because sometimes the motherboard will for some reason not properly recognize a component (such as RAM) and will shut itself off when trying to load Windows.

If this doesn't work, try unplugging and reconnecting everything, which is different than just making sure that everything is plugged in :p.  Especially check the power cables, because it seems to me that another reason for your failed boots is that the computer isn't getting enough power when it tries to boot into windows, so it shuts itself down.

Thanks everyone for helping I got it to work yesterday perfectly fine and I was using it periodically throughout the day but this morning I tried turning it on and it is doing the same thing I can get into the bios but that's about it.


try another sata data cable and or sata power cable.