Computer Freezes - CPU related

Right so this morning, I turned on my PC Fired up Battlefield 4 played about 5 to 10 minutes then my computer froze, Couldn't do anything, I hit the reset button, and the monitors stopped recieving a signal and my CPU LED on the MOBO lit up, I tried holding the pwr button and start it again - samething happend. I waited a few minutes then started it up again, and it worked perfectly fine.

I tried it with BF4 a couple more times to try it out, and the same story applied to every time. As I had seen the CPU LED light up (which is usually doesn't) I thought (and still think so) that it was a cpu problem, so I ran prime 95 to test it out, and sure enough, after a few minutes it happend again.

This evening it happend again, with TF2.

It is worth noting these things, My temperatur never exeeded 50 degrees celcius on the CPU and the GPU was same as always before freeze.

It's over a year ago since I built this computer now, and first now i run into these problems

I have enough power as I have the Corsair CX750M for my CPU and GTX 760.

My CPU is the FX 8350 base clocks, running on an  Asus sabertooth 990FX R.2.0 .


Ask any questions for info that you may need, But I think most of is above, all help is greatly appreciated as I am moving from home in a week to start on my final education.

sounds like it's hot, but you say it indicates that the temps are at or below 50*. look into the bios history on asus web site and see if there are similar issues. start simple, clean everything and make sure everything is connected correctly. cutting PCs on and off can move cards and connectors with expansion and contraction. examine system logs yada yada.. i've had GPUs lock my system before.