Computer crashing when watching videos

my computer has been freezing for a while it will freeze for 5-30 seconds and it sometimes shows up this error code after it stops freezing and lets me watch the video( your display driver has stopped working and has recovered) it will do it at random times and sometimes one after another and i dont think its my graphics card (asus gtx 465) as i put in a gt 430 and same thing happened. it usually will hapen when i am watching youtube or netflix and sometimes i will have to restart my pc. i recently upgraded my processor,motherboard,ram and still the same thing. now could this be my internet card? and if it is why would it stop my display driver? now my computer was crashing beforei upgraded my computer so i ruled out processor motherbaord and ram and it is a clean install of windows and im up to date with my drivers. 

my pc is not overclocked and i am using the stock intel cooler since i cant use my h50 anymore since i had to cut part of the backplate becuase it wouldnt fit on my 780i (which failed on me)


asus gtx 465

intel celeron g530 (1155)

msi z77-g43 motherboard

8 gigs of patriot 1333 ram along with 2 gigs of nvidia sli ram (10 gigs total)

500 gb hard drive

650 watt coolermaster 80+bronze (dont have model number near me)

and i beleive my internet card is a dlink dwr 555 extreme wireless n pcie x1 (3 antennas)


os is windows 7 home premium 64bit

I had a similar problem recently with youtube and vimeo.  it was happening to me on a fresh install of Win7 ultimate 64, with the latest video drivers.  not sure if it will help, but heres how i fixed mine. 

open a youtube video

right click the video and choose "Settings"

And in the Adobe flash player settings, uncheck "Enable Hardware acceleration" box.

I Never had this problem with netflix, but Silverlight also has  Hardware acceleration turned on by default.  Hope this helps.

Sounds like there's an issue with Flash. Flash had been a horror unlike last year's. Try to watch a video in Youtube in HTML5 mode and see if that solves the problem. And try to remove those SLI certified dimms to try to isolate the issue too as running different types of memory could cause some problems.

I'll move the thread to Windows for now as we're not certain yet.

Also edited the title to avoid confusion

its not the sli dims i tested that

ims till having the problem even after i disabled hardware acceleration that helped for a little bit but now it is far worse than before and now i have this questiin what is the best internet card for 50-100 dollars