Computer crashes when playing advanced graphics games

When i play The Witcher 3 and Assassin's Creed Unity my game randomly crashed when a cutsene are about to end. The screen goes black and my monitor gets "no signal". I can also hear a weird buggy sound and i have to restart my computer. I have all the latest GPU drivers and i have a EVGA GTX 970 ACX 2.0 SC. Should i reclaim my GPU or do someone have a better solution?

Please help!!!

Maybe it is a temperature or power issue. You should check the temperatures right after the crash and see if your PSU can handle the system.

My temperatures are okay and i have a 500 w PSU

Check your cpu temperatures. Is either your cpu or gpu overclocked? What motherboard?

Look at the logs. "event viewer" look for critical and errors


"Look at the logs. "event viewer" look for critical and errors"

If there is nothing there could you also confirm what model PSU you have? There are 500watt PSU's, and there are 500watt PSU's...

Also, what happens if you leave Unigine Heaven or Valley running for a while? If the same thing under DX11 is it the same if you run them under OpenGL?

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if its an amd motherboard try bumping your northbridge down by about 200mhz (2200 to 2400) and then try again.

Post your specs (or update your profile with them). It'll make it easier to track down potential issues if we all know what you're working with. My first instinct is to say power or overheating issues, as was mentioned above. There's about a hundred things that could cause such behavior, but those are the most frequent.

My components are not overclocked. I'm using ASUS Z97-A.

Whats the power supply, thats the most likely culprit at this point.

it's a quite old PSU it's a Antec Earthwatts EA-500D

At this point, that power supply degrading over time and now being unable to provide sufficient power is the most likely cause of your problems.

Here is a link for some information about it

Looked into it even more, that power supply doesn't have enough amps on the 12 volt rail to power a gtx 970, so yeah change the power supply.


+1 PSU - old and too weak on the 12v rails.
Change it out before you damage the gpu.

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I agree with the others and I knew as soon as I read your OP. It's your PSU. Get that changed out before you kill your GPU.

I had the exact same symptoms before my old PSU actually killed two graphics cards on me. So yeah, get that changed ASAP.

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That was what i thought when i build my computer. I used my old power supply but i didn't think that would effect that much. Thank u all for your help!!

I cant find how many amps i need for the 970 in the 12 volt rail. Do you know?

Holy shit, didn't see your comment. Can i kill my GPU by that?!

Get a PSU doesn't have split +12volt rails.

For example I'm running an EVGA 500B in one of my machines. That's a 500 watt PSU which gives 40amps on the +12volt rail and comes with two 8pin GPU connectors. It's currently running a GTX 770 but I've had an R9 290 in there without any issues.

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