Computer case

what is the best 40-60 dollar case for a atx motherboard? i'm looking at the corsair 200r or the corsair graphite 350t. also, what is the best graphics card under 100 dollar that i can use with the intel i7 4770k?

...What is this system for? Workstation or gaming?

There are no good graphics cards under $100 if you intend to game. You're basically throwing your money away. If you haven't bought the 4770k, go with the i5 4670k and throw the extra money at the graphics card, if you must go Haswell. With $200, you could get the R9 270 or 270x for 220, which are both decent cards.

Also the "350t" doesn't exist. The 350D is a micro ATX case and is 70 bucks, as is the 230t to which you may have been referring to.The 200r or 300r are both good choices in this price range


basically... if you spend more money on your CPU than your GPU, you messed up somewhere... I like the fractal design core 3000 or define r4 when it's on sale