Computer can't access BIOS!

Hi, I was wanting some advice on quite a serious matter. I don't want to use you guys as a technical support service as you arnt that but know most of you might be willing to give a hand.

This morning I had turned my PC on and I heard a slight spark noise. I didn't see anything through the window of the PC case, however when I went to turn my PC on it was stuck on the gigabyte splash screen and reset. The noise the bleeper made was a constant whine until the PC rebooted to repeat the process. 

I was wanting some advice on what might be wrong and if so what part I might have to request to take back to the manufacturer, thanks. Danny Antcliffe.

For the most part, this is the wrong place to post something of this nature- but I'll answer your question anyway. Most likely a bios corruption from a faulty executable or resource. If you're flaunting an Gigabyte motherboard there is a high chance you have a default dual bios, meaning there is a backup in case something happens. I recommend you just google 'gigabyte dual bios recovery' as someone can probably explain the entire process more effectively than I. It's not severe, don't worry. In fact, there are even auto recovery profiles on some GB boards. 

Hardware issues can sometimes cause this.  Start disconnecting things, one at a time.  Test it after you disconnect each component, that way you can track down what the cause is.  If you still can't get access, then it could be a corrupt BIOS as tomporter_ said, or possibly a motherboard fault.  Since you heard something that sounded like an electrical spark, then there could well be a problem with your PSU as well.