Computer Build, need verification

So I building a computer obviously. 

Here is what I have. The only thing I am worried about or don't have yet is a power supply picked out. Also I need help verifying if the CPU cooler I picked out will work with my components (since it is big and bulky)

My Build


One of my main concerns is mounting the cpu onto the motherboard. Also I have heard bad things about the cpu cooler backplates shorting out on this specific computer case.

Tell me what you think




I don't see anything wrong and partpicker usually had a little thing telling you if there is compatibility issues on the products you are picking. And you need at least a 405w psu to run everything you got there at stock, so i would say if you plan to dude some big upgrades in the future get a 800w or so, if not then a 500w would be fine. Also try to get a modular or semi modular PSU with a efficiency rating of 80+ or better (bronze, gold, silver, etc.) 

Personally, I think your build looks great. The only few things I would change is to get a noctua nh-d14nh-d14(its quieter), any g skill x series ram  (since it tends to be cheap3r than modt other rams), western digital caviar blueblue instead of the black because the black is louder, and not very noticeably faster, and its cheaper, or go for a Seagate hybrid drive if you want more speed. I don't know much about that case so, no comment on it, and instead of a 760, you could probably find a 7970 with the money you saved, and get much more performance than a 760. I would make the build on PC part picker, but on slow mobile network. 

Thanks for the feedback.

A couple more things, will I need to remove the pre-installed backplate on this motherboard to put my cpu cooler on?

The reason I am not going with g skill is because most of them are high profile. The fan I have picked out is not compatible with high profile ram as well as that noctua.

Ah yes, youre right about the high profile ram. I had forgot about that. And I'm pretty sure no backplate comes with the stock CPU cooler / motherboard. If it does, yes , remove it, and replace it with the one that comes with the cooler you get. Also, if you're not overclocking you won't NEED a better cooler, but the noctua one runs much quieter than stock. 

yea i agree. I just went with this specific one because it looks ascetically better than the noctua and also the company  is like the best in germany


Build looks decent overall.  I would get a cheaper CPU cooler and try to get a better GPU, though.

Also, take a look at the Fractal Design Define R4 if you want a quiet machine.

If i may give you some advice.

pickup a cheaper cpu cooler  Noctua NH-D14 is cheaper and will probably cool better then the one you selected. the Noctua is one of the best coolers to get.

Also pickup a diffrent motherboard realy. the Asus corshair V Formula Z is offcours  a great choice, but in my opinnion a bit overpriced. i would personaly go for the Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0.  the money you save. trow in a better GPU Like  R9-280X.

i did a few changes to the build even saved money

Maybe there is even room for you to add a SSD.

You dont need a psu?

Grtz Angel ☺

less $ to cooler/mobo, more into the graphics. and the haf 932 will gobble up anything you throw into it

Oh hi MiseryAngel, you commented on this rig about a month and a half ago. Since then I've researched a lot. The only reason I am going for more expensive everything than I really need to except for the graphics card is because it is my first rig and I want. I want it to be special. So I am basically putting all the things I found awesome into one computer that I will not disappoint one bit. But I do need a psu. I put that at the top I just haven't added one yet as that is the last thing for me to look for

And Commissar, what I am planning to do is in about a year or two. I will get a second 760 and sli it.



Some Tech noob. I have definately looked into the define r4 case. Thanks for the advice. I am going with the cooler master since I want better air flow. And the only reason I am getting a quiet cpu cooler is because my brother's stock amd cooler sounded like a motorcycle 

Pretty much all stock fans are stupid loud, esp @ 100%.  I would also recommend a Noctua cooler, as they're quiet and high quality(albeit ugly).

Pretty much I'd prefer MisteryAngel's build over yours, due to a better GPU and a Noctua cooler.

If you want to use multiple GPUs, a 750W PSU should be plenty.  Here's a decent non-modular PSU:

Nothing wrong with getting a second 760 down the road like you said.  I'd go for a 770 and save a bit on the mobo but you'll be happy either way.

ok so i am thinking of going with a German power supply. It is the same brand as my cpu cooler that I plan on buying. It is rated very high. Tell me what you think

My only concern with this is I think it comes with a German power plug. Since I live in the U.S. I would need a converter.  In that case if I did get this would I be able to buy a standard power supply plug and hook it up to the power supply?


I would really recommend a SSD in that system if you are going to spend over 1k on it, at least a 64GB flavor for the OS, they are like $50 extra for a nice one. The Power supply is overkill, for what you need, but definitely nice. I see you are making this, from what I read, more of what you want and not so much the best bang for you buck. I do agree with MisteryAngle's build though, but you should look at what you are building and asking yourself, "Will i ever need this or this? And is it worth putting the extra money into for no reason?" unless you do not care and just want to go all out. Because you may look at the computer a couple of months from now and think, "Why did I get this when i could have put the money into something else?" Maybe you won't and I'm just crazy.

I changed for a R9 280X Toxic, as it is the best 280X out there as of now and is equivalent to a 7970(GHz, in some areas) and will utterly smash the 760 that you want. It costs a bit more, but look at the benchmarks and you will see the gaming difference. Though I understand if you still want to go nVidia, though it doesn't make sense to me personally =P(I would also go with a 770 too). I added a good SSD that Logan has talked about and has even bought(though he has the 120 GB version i believe), but this will bring up your windows boot times by a lot! I believe any system that costs more than $1000 should have a SSD, but that's just me. To save some cash I put in the 8320, which is just a factory downclocked 8350, but some people argue that the 8350 is binned better, but for $40 more I don't know if it is worth it if you can just overclock it your self.

 This is just a modified version of MysryAngel's build which was already excellent. The Noctua fans, while ugly and unless you are going for a color scheme specific computer, is the best air cooler out there and even competes with some high end closed loop watercooling(i.e. H100i, etc). The motherboard is great;basically top of the line for AM3+ and if you wanted to save a little extra, you could go with the ASUS M5A99FX PRO, which is also a great motherboard, but has a little less(which like I said before to reflect to see if you really want or will ever use thoughs features). Everything else is great in her build. For a PSU, the one you got in my opinion is a bit overkill on that 80+ platinum, but if the efficiency is worth it to you for that price tag, get it, but an 850W 80+ gold, would be just as fine and can easily run crossfire or SLI depending on what you go without any problems for years.

Good luck on the build, tell me if you have any questions or need any more help and I will be happy to come back and assist you!

Actually the link I put up isn't entirely what I am getting. I am going to getting a 750w that is 80+ gold

Sorry for the confusion.

So if I get an ssd would I put the OS on the ssd and then put everything else on the mechanical hard drive?

Also the reason I am getting that specific cpu cooler is it is close in performance to that of noctua cpu coolers, but i looks better with my build's look.

also did you mean to put a link to the build Jetix?


for a single gpu setup you would be fine with a decent 650W 80+ gold psu. like the corsair RM650 or Lepa G 650W

XFX pro 750W 80+ gold has a nice price point.

Well this is awkward, it seems I did forget to put a link in..... My bad, here you go though.