Computer build, need some help

Hi everyone,

i have never build a computer before. I have made a build and i want your guys opinion. My budget is 900-1000 euros/dollars. I already have an Os. Also suggestions for a monitor would be awesome!

I want to use this computer for: Gaming, recording, (also some editing,but not crazy) and coding.

my build so far:

Also a question: is the psu good enough, is it safe. Will it not burn my house down?

Thanks for responding !

Looks good but the psu needs to go get the corsair cx 430 or 500 or a xfx 450 or 550. also recomend a samsung 840 over the kingston.

ok thanks a lot :)

Wow, Ragingh4vok pretty much covered all of my suggestions.

Go with a GTX 660Ti. it only costs a little more but is SO much more powerful. other tna that i'll see if i can put together a list of parts in that price range and see if i can come up with somthing better. so check back in a while

for $1,000 US this is about the best build in my opinion. i went with an AMD processor because you get more power for less money. i only ever recomend using intel i7 processors. any lower than an i7 and AMD is a better choice.

Motherboard, Processor, RAM, Grapgics Card, SSD, Storage Drive, Power Suply, CPU Cooler, Case Total: $1,040.91

but you mentioned EUROs. 1,000 EUROs is 1,333 US dallars, so in that case go with this processor, motherboard and RAM instead.

Motherboard, Processor, RAM Total: $1,246.91

if you want a better case, go with the corsair 400R. that's the case i use and i love it.

as for a monitor, the ASUS VS278Q-P is a 27" LED 1920x1080 monitor with a 1ms responce time and the ASUS VX238H is pretty much the same but only 23".

hope some of this helped :)

A corsair gs600 would be good i have 1 and the fan doesnt need to spool up (apart from boot)


Thanks a lot :)

Thank you !