Computer build advice needed

Hello all,

I am planning to build a computer soon and I need some advice.

So far I have

PSU: Corsair CMPSU-400CX 400Watt (80+ certified)

RAM: 4GB (2x2GB), 1600 MHz , DDR3  Corsair

I am planning to get

ASRock H77M, Core i3 3220,  (and here is the issue) Radeon 7770 or 7750.


I know 7770 performs better than 7750, but the question is, will the PSU be enough for a 7770? Also if you have thoughts about the build, please share.


I will use the pc at home, casual gaming, some rendering from time to time.

The budget: 350 usd / 2000 dkk (i don't mind going a bit over)



so, you already own the PSU and RAM? What's your budget for the remaining parts?

you should just be able to get away with using the 7770 on that psu, but it may explode later

I have 7770 GPU and the minimum requirement for that GPU is 450w PSU for the whole system, so I would atleast recommend 500w PSU just to be on safe side {if you want to do overclock your CPU or GPU} and also please give us the purpose of your build as well as your budget!

Good Luck!

Well, I would like to keep it around 350 usd (2000 danish krone).

The CPU that i chose has a low power consumption, but I am concerned about the graphics card. Will I get it to squeeze into the 400Watt PSU?

how about the 7750? will it be a better choice for this psu?

I have read reviews for each of those cards, they consume very low power! I have seen reviews for both where they were run on 350W PSUs! I think you will be just fine with the set up you have chosen. Go ahead and pick the 7770 if you want the extra performance, but either card will work.

agree, both GPU does use very less power, but when manufacture requires the minumum of 450w PSU that's gotta to be reason for it and again just to be safe I would say get decent PSU of 450-500w (just a presonal thing I would rather keep extra watts then under)