Computer BSOD nonstop

Background of the BSOD:

I was in the middle of playing video games a couple days ago when, all of the sudden, I get a BSOD saying “Page Fault in Nonpaged Area.” I reboot the PC and, no matter what, it crashes with a BSOD shortly after startup. (Occasionally there are different error codes) I tried every possible solution I could find online, and none of those solutions have worked for me.

I went as far as replacing my RAM, my Motherboard, and my SSD. My computer also crashes with a BSOD every time I try to install Windows 10 on my new SSD. I also removed my GPU to eliminate all factors.

On the old SSD, it worked in safe mode so I thought it was a software problem, but trying to install Windows 10 on my new SSD doesn’t work and it still crashes with a BSOD.

The only issue I have found myself is that the backside of my CPU has black marks (or burns) where some of the mobo pins make contact with it.

My friend suggested that my power supply could be faulty and burnt my CPU because I have experienced my peripherals still being powered on after my computer has been shut down. (Even with the new mobo)

Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?


OS: Windows 10

CPU: i5 6600k

Old MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z170n-Gaming 5
New Mobo: Asus Z270i ROG Strix

Old RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 2400 mhz (2x8gb)
New RAM: Corsair Vengeance Red LED 3000 mhz (2x8gb)

Old SSD: Samsung 750 Evo 250gb
New SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500gb

GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X


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Sounds like a normal windows experience to me.


The system POSTs reliability? You said safe mode works, that limits the OS to basic drivers. Have you tried a live USB stick to see if software was as an issue?