Computer Audio setup

Greetings Folks,
So i am not really sure where to start with this question to get an answer that i am looking for so forgive me if i don’t make much sense in the beginning. I am looking for, what i believe to be, and advance setup. I am trying to have three computers and a TV’s audio mix and play out of one set of headphones and speakers. I am trying to do this as a mix instead of a switch. I would also like to try and keep the headphones wireless if possible. I currently am using a set of Astro A50 and Logitech Z906 but am open to different hardware if need be. This setup mostly works but i have to “reset” the headphones every couple of days. Can anyone suggest options to do this? Is this kind of setup even possible?

Mostly yes, I am running basically that. I have 3 stereo outputs from my computer and sometimes auxiliary mono inputs feeding into a mixer.


  1. Unless you buy something very specialised (and expensive), your output will be “only” stereo.

  2. I would recommend a mixer with a control room and main output, that way you can have speakers at a comfortable level without blowing up your headphones.

As mentioned above, I am running a Mackie Mix12FX in a setup similar to yours.
An LD Systems VIBZ 10C would also work (I have no hands on experience with it).

I would advise against buying anything Behringer because their stuff is cheap, and it shows.

Cable wise, depending on your sources, you will likely need 1/8" TRS to 2x TS Y-splitters like this: