Comptia Network + Exam

So I’m finding it very hard to concentrate on my studies for the net+ exam I have in a few weeks.
I’m reading through the Study Guide book (N10-007) but I’m find myself going to sleep. Any good suggestions for keeping myself awake while reading? Normally I do good with tech articles but damn some of the lessons are a drag.
I’m hoping to buy a AC unit so the room is nice and cool. Hopefully that keeps me awake longer then the current sauna I have my PC in.

For CompTIA I would recommend an English tea and Pavarotti - La donna è mobile.

But if you’re going with a CCNA then you would be better off with a Mountain Dew and Spoon - Got Nuffin.

Sleep, diet, exercise and regulated caffeine. Sadly, this takes decades to get right if you ever get it right. Of course, environment is also important, so get yourself that A/C, but in my experience, it’s those 4 things that make or break your concentration.


HHMMMM cold tea’s would be great. I’m gonna give that a go tomorrow

Yep. Different vendors require their own particular study environment.

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I agree with everything but the caffeine. That is like crack to me and mama always said don’t do drugs that are harder then you.
I have been just reading at random times. Maybe I should setup a schedule for myself and keep track of the time/days. Damn pandemic has me all screwed up. Need to adult again

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I’d say try green tea, but if you can’t do caffeine, it is what it is. Try doing as much as you can in the morning before distractions begin to take over. When I went through Cisco Academy and got my CCNA, I did all my readings in the morning before school.

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listen to upbeat music without lyrics. I’m a metal head with a weird softspot for early 2000s trance. I had the same problem and by chance I was listening to something and dug into the books just to skim the material. next thing I know I was reading and absorbing it.

Also, read while you poop. the material will have your undivided attention =)

Gonna have to get those lofi mix started. Music should keep me from sleeping.
IDK about the popping and reading. lol

Ignoring your main question:

I passed my Network+ a few weeks ago. I didn’t get heavily into any books though. I tried the CBT nuggets stuff and I didn’t find much use in that. My main resource was at He has paid content but all his videos are free. I stuck with the videos and made notes as he went through all the objectives. I then fleshed out my notes on each topic and identified my weak areas, focused on those and basically ignored my strong areas. It worked out pretty well for me. Just be prepared in the exam they hit you with the long hard questions at first so you’ll feel like you are going waaaay too slow.

I took Net+ in 2006, I think. They still have you learn out of date stuff like token ring and other old, unused networking technologies?