Compress JS

I’m having one of those days right now… I’m just looking to do something simple, but my brain is just constantly farting right now… Can anyone think of a way to compress this chunk of JS?

slider0.on('update', function(values){
	document.getElementById( 'min' + list[0][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[0]);
	document.getElementById( 'max' + list[0][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[1]);	

slider1.on('update', function(values){
	document.getElementById( 'min' + list[1][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[0]);
	document.getElementById( 'max' + list[1][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[1]);	

slider2.on('update', function(values){
	document.getElementById( 'min' + list[2][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[0]);
	document.getElementById( 'max' + list[2][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[1]);	

slider3.on('update', function(values){
	document.getElementById( 'min' + list[3][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[0]);
	document.getElementById( 'max' + list[3][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[1]);	

slider4.on('update', function(values){
	document.getElementById( 'min' + list[4][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[0]);
	document.getElementById( 'max' + list[4][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[1]);	

The original way I wrote it, you just wouldn’t believe, today is such a sh**ty day, I may as well be brain dead right now! :joy:

AFK but use DRY, write your function just once.

This is what I mean by one of those days, I originally did do it that way, couldn’t work out why it didn’t work, then I just said screw it and did it this way.

I kinda worked out why it didn’t work, because as I was assigning the listener function in a loop, it would then only work for the last one, and it would only update for the last one ‘list index[4][0]’.

Obviously tis me being dense. I’ve done far more advanced things in the past, like I said, it’s just one of those days, it’s not even something that needs to be done any time soon, I’m sure I’ll fix it at some point! :joy:

Well, its pretty much definition of Friday (already afternoon for me).

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If it was dmy off day I may have given it a go but I’m at work. Maybe someone else can chime in.

give the sliders a class and then when you call the update function it one loop pass it to determine which slider to fire the call back.

In some situations you can rejig variables or use loops instead of having to write functions/classes.

var sliders = [slider0, slider1, slider2, slider3];

sliders.forEach(function(slider, index) {
	slider.on('update', function(values){
		document.getElementById( 'min' + list[index][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[0]);
		document.getElementById( 'max' + list[index][0] ).setAttribute('value', values[1]);