Completely reinstall windows 8.1?

I'm not really looking for a factory restore. I want a brand new fresh installation of windows 8.1 which is what my computer has, is there any way I can go about doing this without torrenting?

if you look hard enough on the windows website you can find a windows 8.1 iso download. just remember to extract your current windows key and write it down so you can reuse it.

okay thank you

Their Installer Media Creation tool thing has a 8.1 version. Somewhere.

The Windows Media Creation Tool?

You can always do an OS reset without downloading anything through windows 8. Once reinstalled you may have some files from your old OS install on the C; drive that you can easily remove with the disk cleanup utility with much less hassle. The added benefit is you don't need to know or lookup your windows key.I have included a Microsoft link below to guide you through the process.

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