Complete crash (black screen) on AMD Display Driver install

I am trying to set up a new build. Build is at the bottom of the post to remove clutter.
Currently I am trying to get it configured inside of windows 10. However, when installing the GPU drivers it crashes, or alternatively will display an error message stating " atixx.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.". I have also been getting “CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTS” sporadically, as well as full screen locks into crashes even when not installing drivers. Last night, before heading to bed, i started up an instance of memtest (from a boot usb) and the RAM seems to pass, despite being technically unsupported ( . My suspicions lay heavily on the Graphics card. Currently, I am attempting to get windows to update to see if that helps at all.

  • ASRock x370 Taichi
  • AMD Ryzen 1800x
  • Sapphire Vega 64 (reference)
  • BeQuiet Shadowrock 2
  • G.Skill tridentz F4-3200C16D-32GTZKW
  • Corsair RM 850x
  • Samsung 840 EVO 240 GB ssd

To see if it makes any difference, try with the memory set to something more mundane like 2666 or even 2133.

When it first was booting, It had set itself to that. Setting it to the proper 3200 in XMP seemed to alleviate some issues.

Update: Graphics drivers finally installed without error messages or crashes. However, the driver still seems to not apply to the card. Trying to launch the application presents a “Please have a compatible graphics card installed” message and windows device manager displays a warning icon over the card and indicates its using a windows generic driver for it (while still listing it as an AMD Vega" and says driver correction may need to happen.

Question: I am not as familiar with desktop hardware. Even though my ram is clearing in memtest, could it still be the issue since it is not on the support list?

I seem to have gotten rid of the of the WATCHDOG issues by installing windows latest drivers. Going to run some stress tests. Vega 64 still not showing up.

Interestingly, BurnInTest shows ram clockspeed at 1600mhz on the ram and displays the CPU without hyperthreading. Probably just quirks of the software. Running a burnIn test to see if the computer maintains stability.

BurnIn test shows no errors
CineBench R15 CPU test passes (1518)
COU-Z seems to have been holding steady for at least the last 30 minutes.
I think the CPU issues are fixed… Now on to the GPU