Compiling a resident evil 5 movie

I Compiling a resident evil 5 movie, out of game play footage of the entire game encluding cut scenes

total raw footage is 630GB *1080p FTW*

Due to complete within two week, i will have a trailer soon

Will post more details tomorrow

Title: Resident Evil 5 the movie

Format: blu ray 1080p




w0t... 4 hours 630 gb... upload? I lawld

GreenSLi wrote 10 minutes ago »

w0t... 4 hours 630 gb... upload? I lawld

Its raw 1080p footage when i convert it to normal 1080p it will be much smaller like 20GB max

Still... 20 gb upload? Whats your upload speed?

>total raw footage is 630GB *1080p

and people question why others have over 1TB of hdd space..

I have 120KB/s upload it wont take long.

1 Days 6 Hours 54 Minutes 28.58 Seconds to be exact

is still freaking huge..

so, where is this going to be uploaded to? jewtube will make your hard work look like shit with their terrible quality.

crac4a5 wrote 2 hours ago »

is still freaking huge..

Thats what she said.

sounds cool

man RE5 has the perfect place and setting for a zombie game, and somehow original ...YES i know Farcry 2 is based in africa too but gotta admit that is not the same game at all.