Compatible GPU's for crossfiring with A10

Anyone know what all cards are available to crossfire with an A10?

Think I may just go with one of them rather than a 3750k, considering my A8 laptop cpu's integrated graphics could handle nearly all the games I played, I figure I wouldn't need to move up that far just yet.  

I believe the 7500 and 7600 GPUs are able to crossfire with the A10. The 7700 MIGHT be able to, but I'm not sure.

I may be mistaken, but I think the highest discrete graphics card that can be xfired (dual graphics) with the A10 chip is the HD6670. But its not really gonna give you that much better performance than just running the HD6670 by itself.

Those were the OLD APUs the new ones have 7000 series graphics in them. And it will give you a decent performance boost IF you have fast enough memory (i.e. 1866 Mhz or higher)