Compatible for my upgrade?

this is what im running, I want to buy an 8350 and a new graphics card what are the recomendations for gcards, and do i NEED to upgrade anything else first?


CPU: AMD phenom II x4 965 not OC

Cooling: Corsair H60 liquid rad

GPU: HIS iceQx 6870 


RAM: Gskill sniper 8GB

memory: 1 OCZ 128GB SSD, 2 500GB HDD

Case: Rosewill Challenger with all Cougar Vortex fans

PSU: Leppa 550W

As far as the FX8350 upgrade is concerned, you should be completely fine, your mobo supports the chips and I don't forsee any issues with it. As far as a graphics card upgrade, might not be a terrible Idea to throw another HD6870 in there in crossfire, but to do so you'd probably have to upgrade your PSU to a 650W if you plan to OC the chips.

so you think i should run two 6870 in crossfire rather than upgrading to a 2gb card? i wouldnt mind getting a 2gb card so that i could run two 2gb in crossfire when the time comes for that.

The HD 6870 scale almost perfectly a lot of the time in crossfire, you'll generally get just under 2x performance from 2 6870s than a single one. Unless you have someone readily available  to buy your current card off your for a good price, I'd say its your best bet.

im not really too worried about wasting money, i just dont want to spend all of it on my pc. what about a gtx 660 or something?