Compatibility- Mobo & processor

Does anyone know if the Asus M5A78L motherboard is compatible with a 8 core AMD bulldozer? The sockets are the same, but from what I can find the motherboard supports most AM3+ processors. If anyone knows I would appreciate it if you could help.

Thanks :L

usually ifthe sockets match than your good, but if your will to switch MOBO's than grab one more specific to your CPU/APU. NCIX has good bundle deals for that processor.

maybe? the m-atx am3+ mobos are all pretty crappy. a 970 or 990fx NB is what you want, and those only come in atx sizes. none of the matx ones have usb3.0, let alone 6g sata. hell, it only has 2 fan headers, and only 4 rear usb 2.0.

you can get a 970 atx mobo for $5 more, and it will be far better.

I suggest spending a little more, and get a 970 atx.

take a look at that one

Wrong again:

guess I didn't take a close enough look at the 880g mobos. but you still need to update the bios to use fx cpus.

but, the 760 mobos are crap.

it suports all the fx cpu's look at the CPU support list.

yes, but only with a bios update, which he is trying to avoid

he will have to call or email customer service and see if he can find if the mb is rev C0

yeah, that's the way to go.

Hey man just grab the 8350 or the 8320 they are much better than the bulldozer. - 8320