Compatibility for noctua coolers

I'm going to be upgrading my mother board to either a m5a99fx or a sabertooth 990fx. And I was wondering if I would have any compatibility problems if I buy a nh-d14 or nh-u14s. I also have a nzxt source 210 case with corsair vengeance ram.

Vengeance low profile or higher profile? If its the higher profile stuff then the front fan on the d14 will have to be moved ever so slightly higher if you populate the first 2 ram slots. Apart from that you'll run into no compatibility issues with the D14.

However the noctua fan you cant fit in your case due to height is the U14S. Its 165mm with the fan and you only have 160mm to play with.

There is also the option of the U12S which is still a very good cooler. Not that far behind its bigger brothers.

\/ \/ Thats the kind of ram I have \/ \/

Yep, too easy. If you get the d14 just move the front fan up a little. No biggie.