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Compatibility between B450 Tomahawk Max & 2700X

Actually the 3900X and the 3950X are just as power hungry as the 2700X.
The VRM is I believe the best of any B450 board. Only stepping up to the X chipsets will I get better VRM… but still I am not really looking to overclock this alot (I don´t even plan to replace the stock cooler of the 2700X).

Thanks for the X470 suggestion, though it is very unlikely that I am going to go for it.

[little bit offtopic]

The vrm on pretty much any B450 board isn´t really great,
except for the Msi itx board.
So i personally don’t particulary onderstand why B450 boards,
are getting really recommend for 3900X / 3950X cpu’s really.

We have seen several tests in which the 3900X was actually tested on the Msi X570 Gaming Edge board.
And the vrm was really performing poorly 115°C,
is definitelly not good at all.

Now given that the vrm on the Tomahawk is actually using the same exact mosfets in the same configuration as the Msi X570 gaming edge wifi.
But the actual Msi x570 Gaming edge board has twice as much phases for vcore.
So i can already tell you that the tomahawk will definitelly not handle the 3900X very well.
Even if the Tomahawk has better heatsinks.

So yeah, a 2700x can use all the way from like 125A ish on load at stock clocks to like 150A ish when overclocked 1.42V.
A 3900X in that regards can easaly hit a 180A ish current draw when pushed.

So yeah i see manny people opting for the B450 boards,
in regards to a 3900X or 3950X.
But i really won’t recommend it to anybody.

The best vrm on a B450 atx board basically is the Msi B450 Gaming pro Carbon AC.
The vrm is actually the same setup as the Tomahawk max.
BUt it has twice the amount of components per phase for the vcore vrm.

But a 2700X should basically work on the Tomahawk Max board.
But like i said i could see why Msi wouldn’t add it to the compatibility list.
If Msi added the 3900X to the compatibility list,
then that would be pretty weird.

But still a 2700X should work fine.
The heatsinks on the Max are pretty good.
So i guess you would be fine with some good airflow in the case.
BUt i wouldn’t recommend a 3900X on it.

So yeah in regards to my recommendation for a decent X470 board,
if you ever have plans to upgrade to a 3900X / 3950X.
Then a board like the Asrock Taichi will indeed give you a better vrm.
And of course better pci-e expandability.

:open_mouth: I will definitely check that out.
Though I don´t like it when I speak gibberish, I like to get my gibberish corrected.
I saw Wendell’s b450 tomahawk review and was sort of impressed, considering its a b450. Given that the max has many upgraded features the most important (to me) of which is the improved memory capability, I thought i’d actually get a better board for less price (such is the case in my country).

Thanks, I will definitely look into the pro Carbon. I know its not your recommendation necessarily, but given that I will only sporadically be mildly overclocking… I can´t really see my conduct damaging the board. But you seem to know more of VRM’s on both boards than myself.

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And yes both the 3900X and the 3950X are on the supported cpu list of the tomahawk max.

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Yeah well i´m not native English so i kinda have to edit my posts,
for typing errors lol.
But still like i said the Tomahawk max should be okay for a 2700X.
I think it wouldn’t that much of a problem.
Especially not when you use in a decent case with a good airflow.
It’s definitelly one of the better B450 boards out there.
At least when it comes to its actual heatsinks.
I mean for the money you cannot really complain.
and if you just run the 2700X stock out of the box,
then it should be totally fine really.

Like you said you are not aiming to push it like crazy.
So it should be okay really.
I just wanted to point out, that investing in a better board,
for eventual future cpu upgrades might be something to consider.

However if you are just looking for a killer bang for buck rig.
Then its fine really. :slight_smile:

Yeah i saw that, that is pretty odd.
But yeah theoretically it will of course always work.

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So much for sleeping. :wink:

A B450 with a 6 core is plenty of power instead of a 3950x

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And if it is a mistake, then I don´t really get why no one online seems to have such a build.
It´s really strange to me.

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Well yeah that might be something to consider as well indeed.
The 3600X pretty nice chip low on power consumption.
And would be pretty good when the system is mainly used for gaming.

But the 2700X is still a nice chip as well.

All things considered id wait for b550 get a 3600x. Have pcie 4 and all the benefits of the later chipset

well the 2700x is dirt cheap right now.

I highly doubt that we are going to see any of those.

I already have the 2700X. It was a birthday gift from my girlfriend :smiley: not really going to sell it and get another chip. + I am going to use it as an entry level workstation + streaming myself play chess and using stockfish chess engine (which seems to scale well the more cores one has)

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Then b450 snag 32 GB of memory and an nvme sdd and enjoy

Rtx2060 ti

Just don’t OC it. Its plenty fast. Good cooling and it should work well.

Of course fair enough.

Also a pretty sweet gift that you definitelly shouldn’t sell.
Because it would be very likely that she would get angry about that haha :wink:
But yeah either pick the Tomahawk Max or the Gaming pro Carbon AC.
And have a good time with the system really.

2700X is a great chip still.

Yeah thanks

In the meantime I have emailed msi about the issue. I will keep you notified.

Yeah when they do list the 3900X on the compatibility list,
but not a 2700X.
Then that indeed is really strange to me haha. :slight_smile:

Manufacturer website might not be updated by the most thorough people. If it’s AM4, it will work. As MisteryAngel said, you might not get the overclocking you would on a higher end board.
I have also noticed something about supported lists. Ram specifically. All ram that fits will work. Maybe at a slower speed than you bought it for, but it will work. That said, it’s just an example of something you might overspend on that isn’t necessary. The 2700X is just a 2700 but overclocked a little. There isn’t more cache or stronger infinity fiber or extra instructions that make it better. The 2700 is the exact same die, chiplets and cache. You can push a 2700 beyond the speed of a 2700X with the right cooling and power and probably save about $50

Actually on userbenchmark the tomahawk max has been used together with the 2700X 288 times so far! So I should be good to go.

Msi has just replied to me. The 2700X is compatible after all.
The world gets back to making making some sense. :slight_smile: