Compare the Pair


these are my two builds i've come up with, the classic AMD vs Intel, I won't be getting it any time soon so I will be chopping and changing, particularly on advice from the community here. price range is $1400-1500 AUD, obviously the less the better. because it will be quite a time till i can even consider purchasing a system, i will most likely make a new build when the new intel haswell series is out.

feel free to throw around some suggestions and any compatability issues you might forsee, thanks.

I believe you should with the i5-3570K

i'm thinking of slightly downgrading the graphics card in the intel build to be the same as the one in the AMD build, and grabbing the sabertooth z77 board

What will you be using it for?

get something like a D3H or UD3H, and get a 7950, and yoll be lauighing at how much extra power you can get with overclocking.

Gaming, general purpose web browsing etc. probably a bit of recording and potentially some music production. also planning to study chemical engineering at uni, so any stuff for that, too.

the sapphire HD 7970 3GB OC edition was actually cheaper, so i changed the GPU on both builds to that, they are $1401 and $1394 for the AMD and intel builds respectively.