Comparable Q6600 quad core cpu

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   I am thinking on upgrading this old box of mine from the quad Q6600 and would the fm2 processors be faster... like an A8 or A10? I know the fx series will destroy it but I can get awesome combo deals all over online with the FM2 socket cpus... or should I just wait get an FX processor??? Or would an i3 be better, seen some of those for about 180 with motherboard...


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The 7850k is a tiny bit faster than the 6800k and thats faster than the q6600 >>>,3106-5.html



Both the A8 and A10,s are quicker than a Q6600 provided they are the 5000 series or higher and have the advantage of not needing a discrete gpu. I wouldn't recommend an i3 certain ones could possibly be slower than what you currently have. If you want to go intel grab an i5 if not grab a A10 or fx6300.


I don't know if the upgrade to an A10 would be worth it to you.  An A10-7850k is only going to be maybe 20% faster or so on average than an overclocked Q6600 (obviously this varies depending on what you are doing, and by your other components).  So it may not be as satisfying a leap as you might imagine vs just overclocking that Q6600 (if you haven't already).  

Also keep in mind that on top of that APU and Motherboard, you're going to have to get all new ram as well, and APUs are much more dependent on ram speed for their performance, so you might have to plunk down a bit more than you might expect.  Of course, you don't have to worry about a dedicated graphics card (unless you want one), so maybe that's a wash.

The Q6600 is still a respectable processor.  My old Q6600 G0 is still plugging away in my media center/living room gaming rig paired with an old HD 5750, and it handles most of what I throw at it without complaint...  granted, I don't ask it to do much beyond video and some controller friendly games though. The Batman games run well at medium-high settings on it for example, so I'm still happy with it.

I'd suggest waiting a bit and making a bigger leap.  You'll have a better bang for your buck, and get a better seat of the pants improvement to go along with it.  But that's just my opinion.  At the end of the day, it's your money.  So if that performance bump is worth it to you, then go for it.

FM2 isn't worth the upgrade.

If you can't overclock the Q6600 to 3.2GHz or so, then I'd recommend either getting the 760K (or 750K... hardly any noteworthy difference aside from the 10% dif in base clock speed) and OCing to 4-4.4GHz, or saving up a little bit for an FX 6300

I'm not sure what you budget is, but I upgraded from a q6600 about a year ago to a fx8350 and have been incredibly happy. I have my whole rig is listed in my profile if you're curious.

It all really comes down to how much can you spend overall on this upgrade

I've got a Q6600 overclocked to 3ghz running with 8gb ram and a gtx560 and it runs just about anything I want it to on medium to high graphics settings. It could overclock higher I'm sure because my voltage is currently very low and the temps are awesome but due to my ram not being 800mhz I can't overclock any higher without the system becoming unstable. If you haven't overclocked that processor yet, see if you can or not. It was worth it in my case.

wouldn't have thought 600Mhz would make that much of a dif. I have the Q6600 @ 2.4GHz with a GTX 560 and even if I play on 640x480 most games have 100% cpu usage and framerates tank. Even have trouble maintaining 60 fps with semi-frequent dips to 15-25 fps in Black Mesa on lowest settings >_<

In games like Battlefield I get identical framerates on low 640x480 as medium 1920x1080 (so naturally i opt to just play for the latter, lol). Typically 40-50 with occasional dips to 30ish and even less frequent periods of above 60 fps

Wow, thanks for all the info guys....there is a ton of things to consider.... I have not overclocked this processor yet, I have a tuniq tower 120 on it so I guess that would be enough to keep it cool if I did want to though.. have not over clocked a processor before though...


this is a pretty decent video on overclocking this processor.  Music sucks but he shows the basic settings needed to get atleast 3ghz

That's odd. I'm pretty sure my processor never caps out and I get far better frames than that running everything in 1920x1080.. I was testing it a lil while back playing Planetside 2 on High graphics settings even in the thick of battle never dropping below a perfectly playable 30 fps with highs of over 60. Obviously even better frames if i lowered the graphics settings..


u shure u have the right drivers

i bought my g555 for$35 a year ago