Comp starts then shuts off

So my computer will run for like 5-10 secs then shut off. I already replaced the psu just incase of a doa. Still didnt help.all the fans I have hooked up are running except for the front.

Reseat the CPU heatsink and replace the thermal paste. The current paste is "concreted" and causing a massive overheat.

is your motherboard a socket 1155 H61, H67, P61, p67 or z68? and is your CPU an Ivy chip?

i got the 1200$ comp so everything should be right. my motherboard is a z77x-d3h 1155

Try resetting the CPU equipment, as RyTak said.

Did. Keeps shutting off.

May be a faulty RAM stick? Try with only a single stick installed in the primary slot.

I tryed a single ram, still does it.

only one reported case of DOA, I'd contact Gigabyte right away to RMA it, they might even get it to work

Reset the Cmos, i had the same problem a few days back


Reset the Cmos, i had the same problem a few days back


Did you install the mobo yourself or is this a machine you bought pre-built?

If you installed the mobo yourself did you seat it properly with standoffs?

Ive seen machines short themselves out because of poor seating and/or no standoffs.

Is your RAM set in the proper XMP profile in your BIOS? Some boards don't load it up automatically...


What is your RAM? Is it one of those lower voltage varients? Like the G.skill Sniper 1.25v? Sometimes raising the voltage manually in the BIOS from 1.25v to 1.3v (or more, depending on which it will be stable in the least) will have it running well.

Let me a ask Have you fiddled with the bios? changed any settings? for some reason after an oc or change in the bios for me my pc starts booting then switches off then properly on but this only happens on the first boot up after the changes. MInd you im using the mpowe z77 from msi. =/