Community user made events and calendar

It's cool that you guys are starting to bring the community in more with the up and coming servers, but I have a few gripes. It hasn't been made clear whether someone can go into the Community Events thread and create their own thread for an event that is more of a one time thing unlike a consistently hosted server. For example, if I wanted to organize an event on the forums for Age of Empires 2 HD then the process for such a thing hasn't been really regulated or outlined all that well. I would like clarification on whether or not a lowly pleb user can create events as well. Regardless of the answer my next suggestion is a great idea for official and unofficial events because it is something that can be a notifier on the forum front page for people who don't necessarily visit the event thread all the time.

An event calendar would be an extremely beneficial tool to know when a scheduled livestream, community game event, or other event is going to go down. Personally I prefer a calendar to a disorganized sub forum, and something like the following from the main community I visit (not advertising I swear): *see the top right corner where a list would normally display upcoming events in a listed format by dates.* Should user events be decided upon as appropriate then the way they have it set up is I believe the event has to be posted 1-2 weeks before hand, and if both those requirements are met it gets posted to the calendar.

Thank you for your future considerations.