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Community project June poll


Just don’t venture off the beaten path, that’s where you find all the weird shit in LibreOffice. (Granted that’s the case of MS Office too)
I still have one simple document I made years ago that utterly destroys LibreOffice.

Should post it for stress testing If I can find it.


I’d definitely be interested in seeing this doc.


Found it, will have it uploaded just now.


Here try these two:

Google Docs opens them fine.
LF just insta crashes.

tree_theory.odt opens but slows LOf to an absolute crawl


For the record, Okular opens them fine as well.


Just opened them all in LO 6 in windows. The first 2 opened slowly and took some time to load however once loaded they had just a few stutters while scrolling and I am pretty sure its because of the images that are actually links. ( btw when I say it was slowly it is slow compared to the third file tree_theory, they still opened in less than 30 sec ).

Tree_theory was opened instantly and I did not have any problems scrolling. Also had the images loaded at the start.


Interesting. So this seems to be an issue on the Linux version only.
Probably due to some dependencies then that aren’t used for windows.

But hey this isnt the LibreOffice bug test thread yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


VLC MKV high resolution playback would get my vote. I recently gave up trying to get an episode of a show (MKV format) to play in VLC. Instead I opened it in MPVPlayer and the playback was flawless.


Lutris - working install. None of my games on Lutris work.


How about level1techs do a fundraiser each month, all proceeds go to a voted on FOSS project we collectively (poll?) agree could use the love.


We would probably need @wendell and crew’s buy in on that one. I’m really not sure how to efficiently handle the money.


best bet would just be a dedicated paypal account people send money too and/or is deposited by whatever fundraiser thing we do


PayPal likes to take fees. It cost me nearly 15 to send money to aremis for his server.


not saying its a ideal solution but a solution. pretty much relies on one person being trusted with the money too


Yeah, I’m not trying to shoot down ideas, just pointing at the holes in the floorboards, so we know what we are getting into.


NO! That will only steer drama and controversy.


Why not use Patreon for such endeavors considering their track record appears to be quite good for such matters and leave the course of money collections to Wendell directly?


Patreon isn’t a bad idea. Honestly, if you want to contribute financially to a software project, go to their homepage or github page and I’m sure you’ll find the best way to contribute. If you want it to be anonymous, most of them take bitcoin.


There’s always librepay

TOR NAT Punching & SSH

@Dje4321 can you make the wiki section into a poll please then I’ll link to it in the top