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Community project June poll


Add all of your suggestions for June’s project in here we will then turn it into a poll.





Godot game engine maybe?


Wiki post for idea. Place them below

On 5/15, we’re going to make a poll. At that point, this wiki will close for edits.

DXVK - DirectX to Vulkan translation layer for wine.
solus - Linux distro that needs some love
Newpipe - android YouTube application.
Godot - game engine
Darktable - Similar to Photoshop Lightroom
VLC for Android
Mycroft. Ai


Darktable. I’d love to be able to edit photos on my Linux laptop.


It already works pretty well, just a bit sluggish.


Yea… sluggish combined with the fact that my laptop is fairly old and not super powerful makes for a bad combo.


Yeah, they’ve got experimental GPU acceleration and it’s quite nice.

I edit on my 1700 system and it’s smooth like butter with Nvidia acceleration.


I see some of my suggestions bare already listed so I’m good.

Would be worth adding a couple of the previous votes top pics every month.



Everything over 20% is moved over now.




That counts as everything, hon.

The others were just already there.


i know. thats what i was implying =P

DXVK is still something i need to look into


It seems like it might be a bit on the complicated side, IMO.


Ohh yea. I followed some tutorials but that’s it. Would love some support on this.


I second Darktable!



We’ll be late, but hey, better late than never.


VLC for Android, specifically the chromecast function.


Not a bad idea. Gotta say though, Libreoffice is pretty solid.