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Community Photo Assignments - May 2017

Sure! Stacking is allowed. :slight_smile:

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You got until the end of the month -- so no rush! Just probably time to start thinking about what you want to capture.

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I know exactly what I want to capture. I will probably need a day or so to find the proper setting for it though.

Sorry about the loading speed of my post yall. I really should have compressed that jpg.

I can only see the top 1/4 of the image, even when I click on it.
Please edit your post to upload another copy.

Yeah, it has to do with the host. My bad.

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Taken during testing of this year's SAE Baja car for my school.


Baja SAE was such a fun competition. Good luck with it!

Thank you! We're feeling pretty optimistic about our overall chances this year.

Alum Creek Bicycle Trail - Columbus, Ohio.

The water in the creek is in constant motion and I had to put my bike in motion until I found a good place for a photo. My 2 planned locations were temporarily messed up and the shot I really wanted would have required a long lens.

HTC One M8 - HDR manual mode.

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Is Ted Forbes from Level1? :eyes::eyes::eyes:


That's neat :slight_smile:
So many new ideas flooding my mind.

One week remains!

Last day to submit... Any word on next months prompt?

Also, I did not intend this to be my photo for the month but it is all I have for this month. :S

Never got the chance to do what I wanted. Guess I need to see if I even have one that fits.

I mean, since we are handling this pretty loosely... we could just let old assignments stay open. So whenever someone wants to go at it just for lolz it's fine.

New photo assignment is up -- next month is "UP."

@moderators Could you close this thread for me? Thank you!

Why close it? There is nothing time sensitive about this.


(Still didn't manage to participate)