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I don't think I could get anyone else to make a post, but at the moment I am assembling my BBS. The other night I played TIS-100, fell in love, and thought "Was there a door game like this?". As coding was kinda popular among the nerds of the time I woulda thought someone had combined the two. Apparently not!

So my idea here is anyone who wants to be involved in the BBS that I am hosting can come up with ideas and throw them here! Then whoever wants to pick it up can and we can all work on an idea to make it a reality. I think this would be cool to do, personally.

My Idea

Is a game similar to TIS-100 or something as such in which you have to do an instruction that is listed out, code it around obstacles, and have it work! Someone mentioned on another thread that users could even create challenges and leave them for others to solve, then after solving, a user could leave a message about the coding problem (I added the last part in). It would be easy to manage as you don't have to download anything, and all you have to do is log in. If you have a challenge you are writing then you can save it to the FTP server or maybe we could have the game read from the FTP folder and people could upload challenges as they wrote them out, though we would have to create a format and that might be a bit too much :P.

If anyone wants to expand on this, feel free. The BBS will be up in some form tonight as I am working on it now. If you have other BBS ideas you want to see, eventual feedback on the projects here, and other whatnot, feel free to let me know.

The current BBS is based on Synchronet, if that helps anyone.