Common Valve its easy, 1, 2, 3,


We really need to teach Valve how to count to 3.

I know its easy for us, but for them it might be a mystery.


Why everyone want new Half Life? I don`t really get it. I played them all and they all are so avarage. Nothing special about them. Also after Valve ruined TF2 and CSGO, I don`t even expect an avarage game from them.

this proves the troll is strong in both you and valve

Gameplay wise they are average. For 2004 when HL first came out it was pretty ground breaking but we are more here to get our story on and in terms of story and particularly characters HL has been a frontrunner. The games are always very well paced too. 

I can't say much for CSGO but I really don't think Valve ruined TF2. It isn't pay to win in the slightest and it is incredibly fun. IMO one of the best online shooters there is. 

They can count to three. I just doubt they want to as nothing they produce can live up to 8 years of hype. 

one of the best engines, ran all fast.

any game that's hyped is destined to fail(you see what i did there)))), watch dogs, diablo3

There is a LOT of hidden story to the half life series, they are also interconnected the portal series. 

i honestly dont care how many years have passed, i just want hl3 and portal 3

I think they are working on a new version of the source engine, think about it there was a long wait between hl1 and hl1 as well.

They are working on a new engine. Source 2. This has been confirmed and parts of it are powering DOTA 2. 

oh wow....really???
link please :P

this engine is appareantly gonna replace the current in dota2, and TF2, without changing the actual game (and thus not going to 3).

the question is: do we NEED a follow up for the half life story and the portal story.

The answer is yes. 

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes... 

Don't you dare to say otherwise!!! 

wooow....well they better make it worth the actual wait XD