Comments please on selecting a new power supply

I have at present a 500 Watt power supply that has served me well for several years. However for some unknown reason it has developed a intermittent clicking noise, I removed the fan from the power supply cleaned it and oiled it. The clicking seemed to go away for a week or so however it has now returned.

I have decided to purchase a new power supply in the 600 to 650 Watt range. I am listing below my short list of power supplies and would appreciate comments and recommendations.


  • OCZ Z5 Series 650 Watt Power Supply

  • SEASONIC S12II - 620W Power Supply

  •  NZXT Model - HALE82N 650W Power Supply

You can't go wrong with either the NZXT Hale or the Seasonic S12II. I'm not sure if I really trust OCz. I think the Z5 series might be manufactured Sirtec, and I haven't really heard of them. The best bet for reliability and build quality is the Seasonic. Normally, the Hale82 series are also manufactured by Seasonic, but the Hale82N is actually manufactured by FSP. I've read good things about FSP power supplies in reviews, but I've also read pretty mixed customer reviews.

I would go for the Seasonic psu just because they are probably the best psu makers in the industry.

Thank you for the comments will go with the SEASONIC S12II - 620W Power Supply.

I like Corsair PSUs, never had a problem with any of them... ever... and that's all I use.  Any of their 650s...HX, TX, GS...(whatever you like or is in budget).... would treat you good.